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Why do most men tend to run away from the women they love? This is the question a friend once asked me. At the time, I couldn’t think of an answer.

With the benefit of hindsight and my experiences in relationships, I now believe I have found the reasons for this flight.

Men are afraid of women who are a little too aggressive

In life in general, it is up to men to seduce women. Being “macho” and independent by nature, men are afraid of being overly infatuated with their female partners. The majority of men do not accept to be submitted to a woman.

Men tend to run away from enterprising women. Even if they like them at the beginning, men prefer to move away from a woman’s too hasty advances. The fear of committing too quickly in a love relationship explains this behavior.

Mistakes to avoid in order not to scare men away

Talking about commitment at the wrong time

A man will run away from you, but this does not mean that you are ugly or repulsive. Without realizing it, you may have made mistakes in your relationship. There are certain behaviors that you should not engage in to protect your relationship or the birth of a romance.

Some topics, such as talking about children when you’re still in your first month of dating, are not advisable. Men need time to accept commitment. They are not immediately ready to talk about mom and dad when the feelings are just beginning. For them, a relationship has to last long enough before they think about having children.

More fragile than women, men are afraid of suffering. That’s why they hide their feelings by running away from those they love. Wanting to manage everything is not a quality that a man needs in a woman.

Declaring your love too soon

It’s obvious, he likes you and has even told you so. However, this does not mean that you can, in turn, declare your passion for him at the risk of making him run away.

Once again, it is the fear of commitment that will prevail in men. There is no point in rushing the situation, men’s love is difficult to pin down and the best thing to do is to be patient and wait for the right moment.

What do men appreciate?

A man needs independence

Another mistake not to make is to deprive your man of his freedom. Men need their own space where they feel free to do whatever they want. Let them have fun with their friends if they ask you to. They need to express their pride and strength alone with friends or colleagues to thrive.

Don’t start forbidding them to go to a soccer game or blackmailing them when the relationship is just beginning. Be more inventive. There are a lot of ways to “manipulate” a man, including sex… I’ll let you think about that sentence!

Avoid being selfish

Just like us women and maybe even more than us, men also have a great need for attention. During your relationship, don’t just talk about yourself. Listen to your partner’s words and try to understand him. Let your man think that he needs you and talk to you.

Don’t leave him alone if he is going through a difficult time, such as illness or a layoff. In addition to being his companion, you should also be his best friend. If not, don’t be surprised if he seeks comfort elsewhere.

Routine, the enemy of the couple

In everyday life, a couple can quickly fall into the trap of routine. Going to the same restaurant, going on vacation in the same place, all these activities that are repeated can become boring.

Boredom within the couple is one of the major causes of breakups. Try to vary your activities to fight boredom. For example, planning an unexpected evening out in a romantic setting would be a good idea to reinforce the passion you have for each other.