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Soccer shirts are very expensive nowadays. A model from the previous season sells for around 50€, while the new ones cost between 80€ (fan version) and 140€ (player version). This does not include the price of the print at 15€, the possible patches at 10€ each and the shipping costs. What a budget!

This price can be even higher with old soccer shirts like on this site.

It is normal, after spending this amount, to want the jersey to keep its beauty as long as possible. To do this, you should not wear it to play soccer, but also be very careful when washing and ironing.

This care is even more important to reduce the risk of damaging the print which is very sensitive.

How to wash a print soccer jersey?

You can wash a print soccer jersey in the washing machine. It is more convenient than hand washing and just as effective.

Hand washing can be done beforehand if your jersey has a lot of stains or grass marks. In this case, wash it and rub the stains with soap. It is also possible to use a little stain remover.

In the machine, your soccer jersey should always be inside out. This is very important! It is not the heat that damages the print, but the drum of the machine in which the print is caught.

Choose a low temperature. 30 degrees is best, but 40 is still possible. Don’t go above that.

Avoid supplements like fabric softeners. They have the annoying tendency to clog the small air holes on soccer jerseys.

How do you iron a soccer jersey?

But why would you want to iron a soccer jersey? Ironing is rarely necessary on a jersey. If you hang it up quickly after the machine is finished, there is little chance that it will be completely wrinkled. If it is, it may be a knockoff with poor quality material.

If you’re a fan of well-ironed clothes, you can turn on your iron at a very low temperature. Definitely iron your printed jersey inside out. Ironing over the player’s name, number or even a sponsor would be very dangerous.

You risk leaving some of the print under the iron or the color coming off.

Don’t force the iron and stay on the surface.

But, between us, instead of becoming a tightrope walker of the iron, the best thing is to wash your jersey well, to put an intermediate spin, to lay your jersey in the open air and to fold it correctly without going through the ironing stage.