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Theft from mailboxes is a real social plague. Even if the phenomenon is not so alarming, the disappearance of mail delivered to the right address is not harmless. It is important to strengthen the security of your mailbox. Check out these tips on how to best secure your mailbox.

Try the connected mailbox

This is a state-of-the-art and very effective security device. It consists of an alarm and a video surveillance system. The whole thing is linked to your smartphone via a connected mobile app. You can well fix the plate with your name to recognize it easily.

This way you can keep an eye on your mailbox at any time and also remotely. The alarm is triggered as soon as someone forces the box without your knowledge. You will also receive a notification directly on your cell phone in case of a violation. Thanks to this connected system, you can track and know if your mail has been delivered on time.

In addition, there are three ways to secure your mailbox. Use a post standard box, a connected box or a lock.

Use a padlock

To reinforce the security of a mailbox, nothing beats a padlock. Indeed, it is easier to acquire and its use is quite simple. However, the padlock is not suitable for some older models of boxes. If you have one of the same type, it is therefore necessary to find the one that best fits your box.

There are a few criteria to consider when making your selection. However, be careful not to choose a lock that is too large or too small. A well adapted lock offers more resistance and security.

You can choose between a key lock and a code lock. With the latter, you will be sure to be the only one to have access to the box thanks to the password. If you are afraid to forget your code, choose a key lock. It is possible to have a spare key.

Opt for a post pass or a standard post box

Traditional mailboxes are equipped with a universal access key. This makes the box quite vulnerable, as it can be unlocked at any time by any person. Other models are equipped with a hook… They too are easily accessible.

Therefore, this post box appears to be a more suitable and especially effective alternative. Indeed, this type of box has a lock and a post standard key. The keys of this standard can simply be distinguished by their shape.

In addition, this locking device offers a reinforced security to your reception box.