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The Lacoste brand is a classic in men’s fashion. All items promoted by this brand are extremely popular, and most of them are expensive. This characteristic favors the fact that the brand is under assault by counterfeiters. When shopping, you must be careful not to be taken advantage of by fraudulent sellers.

Discover in this article, several clues that will allow you to know if your acquisition is original or not.

The logo of the brand

To conduct a successful inspection, I advise you to proceed step by step. The first is the logo, it is visible on all products of the brand. Known to all, it is the representation of a green crocodile, with its mouth wide open. So you need to look at a few details carefully.

First, make sure that the logo is indeed a crocodile, if it doesn’t look real, and it lacks some details like the open mouth, scales, legs, tail, etc., your item is a counterfeit. Also check that the logo is put on a white background. In reality, the logo is sewn on slightly from the back. This means that if you notice stitching marks, needle marks or even loose threads on your item, you are looking at a counterfeit.

Next, examine your item by turning it inside out. The contours of the Lacoste crocodile are barely visible. The finish is therefore clear. For polo shirts, make sure the logo is placed under the second button. The crocodile should be in the center of the left side of the polo. It should be positioned between the bottom seam of the collar and the second button.

If you have chosen a Lacoste polo shirt, make sure the buttons are pearl. The two vertically sewn buttons are adjusted so that one is at the top of the collar and the other at the bottom. The stitching thread runs from top to bottom, not side to side.

Finally, make sure the crocodile’s features are clear. Its tail is curved and goes in the same direction as its jaw. Its eyes are slit-like.

The item’s label

In general, when they are made in France, the articles have their sizes well indicated in figures, on labels. These are available on all Lacoste products, except for watches, glasses and perfumes.

Above the crocodile on the label, there is a number marked in red. If you see little words that indicate the size, you should know that it is a counterfeit. Also check to see if the crocodile logo is represented on the label.

The label informs the buyer about the origin of the article. On the first line, it must be marked “Designed In France” the second line indicates “Made In” followed by the country. This is usually El Salvador or Peru.

Lacoste brand clothing is 100% cotton. Inside your item, this precision is written in seven different languages, with washing instructions. You will also see clearly written on the back “Devanlay” the name of the company.

Finally, I would advise you not to buy from street vendors, or on the internet when the site looks suspicious. Also, when the cost of the item you are offered is considerably below the normal price of a Lacoste item, it is certainly a counterfeit.

With all these cards in hand, it is clear that from now on, you will be experts in detecting counterfeit Lacoste.