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The name of your YouTube channel will be your identity, so it is important to choose it well. But this is not enough, you must also succeed in distinguishing yourself so that Internet users remember you more easily.

You must therefore take the time to choose the name of your channel and do not launch on a whim! We have prepared an article to help you make your choice while remaining original.

Find a name with meaning

Before making your choice, you need to know what your channel is going to be about to select a theme. This theme will be used for your channel name because it is important that your identity is related to your activity.

That’s why many bloggers have names like “first name + make up”, “first name + fitness”.

You can also add your first and last name for an identity of your own or a nickname used on the internet that fits you very well. This solution will allow you to modify your channel with time if you want to without being blocked by a theme on your channel.

However, it is quite possible to associate your name with the subject of your channel by giving an original touch with the association. You can for example play on the initials. If you have difficulties, look for synonyms from the web tools.

Show originality

To play on the originality of your YouTube channel name, you will have to play with words to create a unique identity like a brand. You can use a hybrid name or an attractive name.

For example, if you want to make a channel about beauty products, you can choose Beauty for all. This will set the tone of your channel and the name will be easily remembered!

However, to make sure that your choice is original, you should check on the internet if the chosen nickname has already been used. You can’t take another person’s identity, so if you ever see that the name is already taken, try with synonyms.

Once you’ve found your available name on YouTube, do the same by checking social networks as you’ll need the space to show your videos and interact with your community. If you’re thinking of creating a site later, check there as well to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Finally, before you make your choice, make sure that you don’t put any numbers in your YouTube channel name and that your nickname is easy to say. These points will ensure that you will be remembered more easily by Internet users.

Pay attention to the pronunciation

As with a product brand name, avoid sounds that are too hard to pronounce. For example, even if you speak English very well, don’t choose an English word that the French can’t say (e.g. the syllable ‘thr’).

Do a survey with relatives who are in your target audience. If you live young gamers, ask regular gamers what they think about your different ideas.

Don’t forget about spelling. Don’t make intentional or unintentional spelling mistakes. Avoid confusing wordplay. The objective is that the Internet user, upon hearing the name of your channel, knows perfectly how to write it to search for it later.

Think about referencing on Youtube

The referencing on Youtube is the fact of appearing well in the results when a user makes a search. You must avoid using a channel name that will bring up many results… except your channel!

With an example, it will be clearer. Let’s say you choose the name “GangNam”. The person who types in this word will find a lot of videos of the Korean singer who released the song “GangNam” but not your channel!

Do an audit of the competition

Your goal with a Youtube channel is to get views and for people to remember the name of your channel. To be sure of your uniqueness, check that no one has an identical or similar name.

For example, it would be a shame to take a name of a Youtube channel like “Dr. Philosophy” and to realize that “Dr. Philo” exists.

Moreover, legally speaking, a Youtuber whose name you stole can surely sue you, even if it is done involuntarily.

Survey your friends and family

A brand name or a logo is not chosen with a snap of the fingers. The same goes for your channel. You may love a name that everyone else will hate.

The best thing to do is to write down all the channel names that come to mind, then sort through them, leaving several choices. Then, poll your friends and family to see which one they like best.

A good idea can also be to give the name of the channel and ask the person what he/she expects to see on a channel with this name.

Don’t forget that Youtube is a search engine and that people have plenty of choices. The more they understand your topics beforehand, the more they will click on your channel.

Don’t stop at the name of your Youtube channel

The name is very important because it is what your subscribers must remember. However, don’t think only about it. Your universe is much larger.

Your name must match the tone of the channel, your character and the audience. Don’t make a literary reference in your Youtube channel name if you intend to target young video game fans.

Besides your name, work on the colors, the phrasing, the dynamism, the subjects, the lights, the sounds… In short, you have a lot of work to do!

English words in the channel name

We are now in a generation accustomed to VO on Netflix, to American beauty tutorials and who consume only US high tech products.

However, is it a good idea to add English in the name of your Youtube channel? Yes and no.

An English sound often sounds good and many people use it. Just the word “Miss” is English. If you have simple words like this, don’t hesitate. However, avoid complicated words for a French speaker.

As much as we love English, we speak it badly in France. So please, no “thr” and other unpronounceable sounds in your Youtube name!

A short name easy to remember

Norman, Cyprien, Squeezie… All these famous youtubers’ names have one thing in common: they are short and easy to remember. Do the same for your channel name.

Putting your first name as a Youtube channel name is a good idea, but unfortunately, the platform is so widely used that it is now rare not to have another channel that already uses it.

Letters and more letters

An easy differentiation on the forums is to add a number or a symbol. On Youtube, this is not a good idea. Few brands choose this option and for a good reason: it’s less memorable.

So, stick to letters and don’t have fun putting capital letters in the middle, dashes or other useless signs.

An adequate channel name for your sector

A channel name in line with your theme can improve the number of clicks among search results.

Let’s take an example. You are looking for a phone comparison. You have the choice between a video from the channel “Smartphone Addict” and “Alix en folie”. Which one do you click on?

A channel name that is not too restrictive

If the idea of choosing a Youtube name related to your theme is good, you should not be too restrictive. Many channels start on a very niche sector before expanding a bit.

It is better to target a sector than a product, a theme than a subject. Also, avoid localizing your nickname. If you move or want to conquer a large audience while you have a region in your channel name, it will be more complicated.

A name that can be used on social networks

Youtube is a real market. You can develop a large community and make a good turnover with ads and affiliation. However, all successful Youtubers are also present on other social networks.

Make sure your channel name is not already taken by accounts on social networks. If not, when you create your channel, also create your accounts on all the trendy social networks and those that are currently breaking (Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat …).

A free associated domain name

In the same vein, a successful Youtube channel can sometimes be turned into a real website. It can bring a different traffic with people typing their searches on Google rather than Youtube.

Buy the domain name associated with your channel. A .fr is enough to target only France, but if you want to be visible abroad via English content, it is better to choose a .com.

Beware of puns

Are you a joker who is always ready to make a pun? If it can make your close circle of friends laugh, it may not convince people who do not know you or worse, end up being outdated.

So avoid jokes and rotten puns in your channel name. Humor will be practiced in video on Youtube and in writing on your social networks.

Beware of borderline themes

If a pun can make you sigh instead of laugh, “borderline” themes can get you into trouble. Don’t try to be borderline on subjects like racism, misogyny…

Choosing a bad name for your YouTube channel exposes you to all kinds of attacks. In the best case, some users will insult you. In the worst case, you can be sued.

No idea: an automatic Youtube channel name generator!

Despite all my advice, you still have no idea of the best possible name for your Youtube channel? Try the automatic channel name generators.

There are several free ones on the web. Just type “Youtube channel name generator” on Google to find them. Most of the results are bad, but a few gems may bring up an innovative idea in your mind!