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The reputation of black radish and its juice is constantly growing. This vegetable has become for some time in Europe a very appreciated health ally for its numerous virtues. But, the black radish and its juice do not have only virtues. They also have side effects that it is better to know now. We talk to you about the subject through this health post.

Heartburn and heartburn

Black radish juice is touted for its sulfur compounds that play a great role in the proper functioning of the joints of the human body. Unfortunately, it is these properties that make black radish juice a factor in heartburn.

The juice of black radish by its sulfurous properties, inhibits the cyclo-oxygenase, a stomach enzyme that controls the secretions of mucus and bicarbonates. It is this action that causes the sensation of sourness or acidity in the stomach.

It should be noted that heartburn and heartburn have been reported by several people who have consumed this juice. It should be noted, however, that this is a benign ailment.

Skin reactions

Several cases of skin reactions following the consumption of black radish juice have been reported. These skin reactions manifest themselves quickly in different forms. One can quote among others:

  • The urticaria
  • The eczema…

We believe that these reactions are the result of a diet that is not sufficiently varied. This is why we recommend that you consume this juice in moderate quantities, with spaced out intakes.

A genetic predisposition can also support the development of cutaneous reactions after the consumption of the juice of black radish.

Slight diarrhea

Black radish and its juice are known to stimulate the production of bile and cause the elimination of waste. Thanks to their choleretic and cholagogic properties, black radish and its juice help secrete bile and evacuate it.

However, the production of bile can become excessive. Excessive bile secretion can irritate the intestinal mucosa, which can cause diarrhea. Several cases of diarrhea have already been reported among black radish juice enthusiasts. Fortunately, these cases are very mild.

Thyroid goiter factor

The juice of black radish does not have only virtues. It brings you closer to goiter. Indeed, black radish is a member of the cruciferous family. All members of this family are known to be goitrogenic.

These foods induce an increased excretion, via the urine, of ingested iodine. They thus interfere with the fixation of iodine in the thyroid. Subjects consuming juices extracted from black radishes grown in highly industrialized countries are more exposed to this risk.

These black radishes are indeed more at risk, since they will most probably be exposed to chemical goitrogens such as:

  • Nitrates ;
  • Perchlorates…

What to remember? Despite all the benefits you can get from black radish and its juice, several side effects can bother you. It is better to take advice from your doctor before starting to enjoy the juice of black radish.