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Run It Once Poker is a very comprehensive website. It is a leading coaching platform that is appreciated by thousands of players of all levels.

Don’t know exactly what it offers? Then we will take you through this tutorial to discover Run It Once Poker. Follow the guide!

The Run It Once Poker website does coaching

The poker coaching site is owned by a famous poker player, Phil Galfond. This American professional is the holder of 3 trophies, several bracelets of the World Series Poker. His nickname, OMGClayAiken, is known for his mental toughness and his ability to work on his game.

Back in his Full Tilt days, he was one of the top players on the poker room when it hosted the world’s top poker players.

The frequenter of the highest cashgames tables is a well-known teacher. So he decided to put his knowledge to good use for other players, both beginners and professionals. This is what motivated the creation of the Run It Once Poker platform, offering coaching for 6 max in No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha.

He wants the coaching on this platform to be “honest, transparent and fair”.

Watch video footage of Phil Galfond’s poker games

On his platform, Phil Galfond mainly offers reviews of sessions in 200/400 or 50/1000, the highest limits in online poker.

Some of these videos are recorded during major tournaments. It’s a unique opportunity to get coaching advice at these limits.

The advantage is that Coach Phil explains the moves as he goes along and goes into great detail about his strategies.

But, while Phil Galfond is the best known coach on the Run it Once platform, he is not the only coach.

Other professional poker players available for instruction

Phil Galfond has been able to attract other professionals to coach at Run It Once. There are 20 of them, all of whom are available for coaching via video or, for an additional fee, for private coaching.

They include Steve Gross, Di Dona, James Obst, Hac Dana, Jason Koon, Sean Lefort and David Emmans. They each appear in sessions in which they explain the successful moves.

Not all have the same level or specialties. For example, some coaches like to do small limit videos for beginner players, others play high limits. There are tournament coaches and cash game or SNG coaches, Hold’em coaches and Omaha coaches.

In short, with so many knowledgeable coaches on Run it Once, you are sure to find plenty of interesting and informative videos.

The different types of subscriptions at Run it Once

The free basic package gives you access to the Run it Once forum.

The so-called essential option is available for $9.99/month. It gives you access to 5 weekly news items filmed on tournaments and games of small and medium limits. You also have access to nearly 2,500 videos in the library.

The elite option costs $99.99/month. It gives you the same things as the essential option, plus the elite videos! The elite videos are shot on the highest limits of poker. There are 9 per week and a replay library with nearly 4,000 videos currently.

So for high-end poker coaching, Run it Once is more than affordable. If you play medium limits, less than $100 is a small amount of money.

Some tools to learn the language of the game

Run it Once Poker is the best coaching platform available for High Stakes. It also targets beginner players, so you have videos and practical tools for young players.

Among other “products” on display in the Run It Once Poker storefront, you will find a dedicated poker lexicon.

The lexicon goes from A to X, with the numbers at the beginning combined with words from the poker jargon. For example, you can find 2barrel, 3b or 3bet, 3barrel, 3way, 4b or 4bet…

This lexicon will be useful for listening to the videos. Indeed, the videos are in English and with the technical language of poker, it is important to know them to understand the coaches.

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