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Drugs are dangerous and you should never take them. But, it can happen that you get drugged without knowing it.

It is necessary to remain attentive at every moment to avoid this incident, but it is not always easy during strong atmospheres with many people.

So how to know if you have been drugged? We have prepared an article to help you get some answers.

Alarming symptoms of drug use

If you’ve just come back from a party and you don’t know if you’ve been drugged, the signs the next morning can help you get answers. If you have been behaving unusually while thinking you are not in control of your actions, and if you have memory lapses, there is a good chance that it is the result of a drug.

Some drugs are very difficult to detect like GHB, but you can do a hair test as soon as possible to try to get some answers. But first, you need to contact your doctor and explain the situation. He or she will do a thorough examination and help you find out if you have been under the influence of the drug or not.

Act quickly to make sure you find signs of drugs if there are any.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your friends who are present with you to get information about your behavior. Try to get pictures and videos of the party to see what you did and whether or not you remember it.

Protect yourself before it’s too late

If you are at a party with alcohol and you have concerns about drugs, you need to stay alert. Knowing if you have been drugged can also be done before it is too late. First, don’t leave your drink unattended! This should be marked in large letters all over the nightclubs… Putting powder or liquid in your drink is done in seconds.

You need to see what you are being served and make sure that nothing is added against your will. If you are not vigilant and take drugs without your knowledge, the next 12 hours will be dangerous for you and you may not be able to tell what drugs were in your drink.

There is also a device that allows you to test your drink before you drink it. It is similar to a pregnancy test. You have to dip a strip in your drink and wait a few seconds to get the results. There is also a straw that turns blue if your drink contains drugs. These solutions have a cost but it could well save your life before it’s too late so be careful with your drink and don’t hesitate to use tests!

The other solution is to always be with friends and watch each other’s backs. For example, if your best friend sees a man kissing you when you look completely tired, not willing but not unwilling, he can intervene to stop the action and take you home.