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Over time, you can no longer remove your ring from your finger? It happened to me once, I kept turning it over in every direction to try to remove it. As a result, my finger doubled in size.

You should know that several types of lubricants can be used in this case to avoid such a problem.

First, deflate your fingers

With the heat or for other reasons, your fingers have swollen and your ring has become stuck. Before making any attempt to remove a ring from your finger, deflate your finger. One simple technique is to place your finger in a glass of cold water for a few minutes.

Another technique is to raise your hand. Hold this pose for 2 to 3 minutes to allow the blood flow to work and deflate your finger. After that, coat your finger with a lubricant such as sweet almond oil, hand lotion, butter, or Marseille soap or shampoo. Normally, your ring can then be removed easily by pulling it off while turning it over.

I used this last method to remove a too small ring I bought on Edenly and it worked perfectly. Next time, I won’t try it “just to see” after I realize that the jewel was too small…

Your ring resists

If your ring remains attached to your finger, use a wide rubber band that you wrap around your finger and close to the ring. Sheathed by the rubber band, your finger becomes thinner, which facilitates the passage of the ring.

In the same way, you can use a sewing thread. The technique is always to thin your finger to remove the ring.

With the help of a friend, you can also remove your ring while the other person gently pulls on your skin. Your hand should be lubricated beforehand and should allow the ring to pass through, since your hand will be thinner thanks to the stretching of the skin.

Should the ring be cut off?

Your ring persists in staying on your finger despite all these recommendations. In this case, the only solution is to cut the ring off.

Only a professional can do this. Go to your jeweler who has the right equipment to perform such an operation. Take advantage of this opportunity to resize your ring to the right size.

If all these attempts remain without result and your finger becomes blue, call the emergency room quickly to avoid a health complication!

To avoid this, make sure you choose the right ring size!

Go to an artisan jeweler

You are unable to remove your ring that is too small and the situation is starting to worry you. If you live in Toulouse, go to the Pujol workshop. This Toulouse jeweler will give you the right advice and can cut your ring if necessary.

What is the immediate danger of wearing a ring that is too tight? In the worst case, you could develop necrosis which could lead to amputation of the finger. Necrosis is simply the death of tissue.

This process is triggered when cells are subjected to a shock that attacks their structure or chemical composition. In the case of a ring that is too tight, the interruption of blood flow leads to necrosis. A necrotic finger cannot be healed and must be amputated.

This is why you should not delay in solving your problem of a ring that is too small. Once you’ve tried removing it with the decongestion method, then with lubricant, don’t be shy about going to a jeweler who is equipped to safely cut off the ring. However, if your finger turns blue or black, seek emergency medical attention right away.