You are currently viewing How to effectively hang a Japanese ball from the ceiling?

Made of rice paper, the Japanese ball is very popular with decorating fans for its ease of use and its ability to decorate any party room quickly and beautifully. Are you wondering how you can effectively hang your Japanese ball from the ceiling?

In this article we bring you the easy techniques to do so.

Use hooks

In order to set up your Japanese ball properly, this is the technique you should adopt. It is quite easy to apply. If your ceiling doesn’t have beams, but is rather flat and uniform, make sure there is at least one DLC box.

To start, you need to unfold and then insert the metal frame that holds the round ball. Then hang it on the suspension hook of your DLC box. In case you want to hang more, you can get adhesive hooks, hooks to attach. This gives you the freedom to install them in different locations.

Use fishing line or Nilon wire

This technique allows you to hang Japanese balls indoors and outdoors. In addition to being transparent, the wire can support several balls at the same time thanks to its strength.

This technique is useful when you have a specific type of ceiling. To get started, first check to see if your ceiling has any hangers or if it is made of beams. If so, you can use them to attach the Nilon wire by tying a fairly tight knot. The suspension is lightweight and holds without a problem, but be sure to use an LED bulb that doesn’t get hot.

Try colored tape

The tape process is the same as with Nylon wire. The decorative look will depend on the color of the tape and its texture (silk, cotton…). Depending on the Japanese ball you have and its size, you can let the ribbon overflow on the sides to bring a colorful aspect. You can also make an association of several ribbons with different colors for a more unique and personalized touch.

To summarize

The Japanese ball is a paper lampshade that is often delivered flat. It resumes its ball shape when relaxed. It has a hoop that allows it to be hung from a socket or wire. It is decorative and its installation, very simple. So in 5 minutes of DIY, you will have an oriental atmosphere in your room.

Another tip that we will give you is the use of the LED lamp. Vary the colors: choose a white, red, blue and even pink lamp, depending on your preferences. You will see that the result of the atmosphere you will get will be just AMAZING.