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The garage is now an essential part of the French home. Forty years ago, there were almost none, and today, even if there are few quadruple garages as in the United States, new houses always include a garage.

This room is still seen as a set of walls used to put the car or junk that should not be lying around the house and little care is taken to reduce its heat in summer or increase the temperature in winter. However, by thinking like that, you make your garage unlivable and dangerous for your car during a heat wave.

Why is a hot garage bad for the car?

The first problem is the battery. Everyone knows that cold can damage the battery, but the same goes for heat. A situation that is too hot also harms all the parts related to the cooling of the car.

Another concern that can be very expensive to repair is electronics. Today’s cars are becoming more and more ingenious and all the classic functions of a car are becoming electronic, like the handbrake. A garage that is too hot can cause breakdowns and since to repair these breakdowns you have to go to the car dealer, the rates for changes are very expensive.

How to air your garage?

While it is possible to install air conditioning in the garage, the financial cost often makes it impossible or unwelcome. Indeed, there are many air holes in a garage and the air conditioning is mainly used to cool down the heat-stressed inhabitants.

On the other hand, the installation of a VMC is an excellent idea. A small opening in the wall is used to install it and it then ensures a continuous air intake into the garage. There are also extractors that are less expensive, but less efficient. Installing good ventilation is another solution.

Then treat the garage like any other room. What do you think when it’s 30 degrees in your room in summer and 5 in winter? You curse the poor insulation. It’s often worse in a garage because little care is taken during construction.

Improve the insulation of the walls and you will notice considerable changes.