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In the basic concept, Timberland shoes are meant to be functional and therefore to be work shoes.

However, for some years now, you can find them in everyday life, because they are very stylish! In any case, these shoes are designed in nubuck, a leather material with a velvety aspect.

Therefore, Timberland shoes require special care. Discover our tips for cleaning nubuck shoes properly!

A brush and a pencil eraser for routine maintenance

Before we get into the nitty gritty, it seems important to note that you will always need to clean the pair of Timberland shoes, even if the stains are only present on one shoe. This is to avoid stains or color differences. Also, you will need to do the following once or twice a week.

So, for the routine maintenance of your Timberland shoes, you will need to use a brush and do the cleaning from top to bottom and front to back until the entire surface of the nubuck is brushed.

If you find a little dirt on a shoe, you will need to focus on the dirty areas. Indeed, you have the possibility of using a special suede crepe brush. Otherwise, any brush can largely suffice you as long as it is clean and soft.

You should know that your brushing will remove small debris from your boots or Timberland shoes. However, for dirt marks or small scratches, it is recommended to use a pencil eraser to make them disappear. Insist on the stained areas before brushing again. This will keep your Timberland shoes looking uniform.

Natural products for cleaning Timberland shoes

It should be noted that brushing and scrubbing may not remove embedded dirt such as mud, water stains, ink, vomit and more. Hence the interest in using natural products!

For greasy stains

To remove greasy stains from your Timberland shoes, there is nothing more effective than sprinkling them with terre de Sommières, baking soda or talcum powder. In this case, you will have to leave them overnight so that this natural solution can act on this type of dirt. Don’t forget to brush the nubuck in the morning.

Alternatively, you can also soak the abrasive part of a sponge in white vinegar and rub the stained surface lightly and regularly. Again, always brush the boots or shoes after cleaning. They will look like new!

For ink, pen, blood or vomit stains

For deep stains, there are several solutions. First, you can dab the stained surface with a cloth soaked in 70° alcohol and rinse the shoes with a damp cloth.

Alternatively, you can also use white spirit, diluted white vinegar or a few drops of ammonia instead of 70° alcohol. It depends on the type and encrustation of the dirt. The only rule to follow is not to forget brushing after each cleaning.

For wet Timberland shoes

When suede or nubuck shoes get wet from rain or snow, it can deform them. So, to clean your Timberland shoes, it is recommended to soak your brush with diluted white vinegar.

Then, scrub both pairs of shoes! Then, rinse them with another brush soaked in water. All you have to do is let them dry overnight.

Be careful not to expose them to heat. In the morning, you should sprinkle the shoes with talcum powder and brush them dry. This allows you to restore the fluffy look of your shoes.

Using the right products to treat nubuck

It is wise to have products adapted to nubuck to better protect the surface of your Timberland shoes. So, don’t hesitate to choose a waterproofing product or another softener.

The waterproofing product allows to preserve the velvety aspect of the nubuck and to give them a brilliant aspect. While the softener allows to preserve the waterproofness of your shoes. Be careful, you should never use these two products at the same time. This could damage your nubuck shoes.

Changing your Timberland shoes

No matter how good your Timberland shoes are, they will wear out, and how quickly depends in part on how often you wear them.

Go on a hunt for new Timberland shoes when you notice that yours are too worn out (bad soles, foot pain after wearing them, visible holes in the leather…). On a store like, you have a large choice of Timberland shoes.

Traditional boots, canvas sneakers, sporty sneakers, the latest models are available and waiting for you.

Don’t forget, when you get your new pair of shoes, that good shoe care starts from the beginning. Depending on the material, you may need to give your shoes a coat of waterproofing, and then follow the routine outlined earlier in this article to extend the life of your Timberlands as long as possible.

The good idea is not to limit yourself to one pair. Shoes that are used every day, for every occasion, get worn out quickly. Have one pair of Timberlands for sports, one for work, one for play, and adapt them to the weather. So, even if you love your canvas pair, leave them in the closet when it rains and only wear them when the weather is nice.

In addition to taking care of your shoes, wearing shoes according to the weather only improves your comfort and the health of your feet.