You are currently viewing How to choose the right plunging neckline without being vulgar?

Do you want to wear plunging necklines more often, but are you afraid of looking vulgar? This fear is quite justified. Badly chosen, this piece can be a big fashion flop.

In stores or online stores, you will find a multitude of necklines. However, they are not all adapted to your morphology. To make a wise choice, I recommend you to take into account the size of your chest.

Which neckline for small breasts?

Smaller breasts are those with a cup size between A and B. This type of breast lends itself easily to a plunging neckline. You may not even need a bra. This option can be chosen if you opt for a neckline with a V-neck for example. The latter can stop just in the middle of the chest, a visible bra may be too much.

So opt for a plunging V-neck without support. If you’re not a no-bra fan, you can opt for a bra that is barely visible under your V-neck or strapless.

The cowl neckline is also perfect for small breasts. I recommend it to all those who want to sublimate and bring volume to their breasts. If your bra is between the A and B cup, you can also opt for the Lavallière neckline. This style allows you to tie a bow with a scarf at the chest to make the outfit more elegant.

Which one for medium breasts?

These are the ones whose bra cups range from C to D. For these medium-sized breasts, I recommend a wrap neckline. Thanks to its overlapping and V shape, it enhances your chest. It remains sexy without falling into vulgarity.

If you are not a fan of this first model, I suggest a square neckline. It will slightly reveal your chest without being too much. Moreover, it is very trendy at the moment.

Do not hesitate to turn to the bardot neckline. It is part of the essentials in summer season. This classic neckline highlights the shape of your breasts and transforms your look into that of a femme fatale.

Which neckline for large breasts?

If you have a large bust, your bra will fit into the D-cup and up category. These large breasts have a reputation for being difficult to dress. However, by following a few simple rules, you can make them look great. Besides, who said that when you have a large chest, you should do without cleavage? If you assume your shape, you can wear it and bring out your sexy side, but without being vulgar.

That’s why I recommend round necklines for you. They will draw your forms in all elegance. To give an impression of smaller breasts, you can opt for the bardot neck. The most daring have the possibility of daring the neckline in V-neck.