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There are many stories, legends and myths that dogs and cats are known to be the worst enemies in the world. This is something you hear everywhere and all the time, so much so that many people take it as a fact that cats and dogs hate each other. But, is this really the case?

Of course not. But does that mean that cats and dogs can live together without any problems? This article, below, aims to answer this precise question.

Cohabitation is possible, but…

A cohabitation between dog and cat is totally possible. In fact, it often happens that the two animals get along wonderfully and protect each other. However, in order for such a cohabitation to go smoothly, it is necessary to pay attention to some details:

The breed of dog

Some breeds of dogs get along well with other animals, while others prefer to live alone with their owners. The breed of your dog is therefore a key factor in a successful dog/cat relationship. To learn more about the traits, check out a dog blog or ask your friends and family who own a dog.

But, it’s the same for the cat. A Siamese Thai with its dog-like behavior is a good choice. An alley cat that is lonely and fearful is much less so.


Things will be different if your pets are used to each other as children or if they are forced to live together as adults. If, for example, a puppy has always lived in a house full of cats, then he will have no problem continuing to live with them since they have always been his daily life.


It is not in the DNA of a dog or cat to hate the other breed, however they are very different and some conflicts are sometimes inevitable. All it takes is a little firmness and a little raising of the voice from time to time. Your pets will eventually understand that they should not fight and will undoubtedly learn to live together more peacefully.

To sum up, dog/cat cohabitation is possible and even quite common in most homes. However, some details must be taken into account so that this cohabitation goes well, such as: the breed of your dog, the age of your animals at the beginning of the cohabitation or their general education in relation to the said cohabitation. In any case, dogs and cats are not enemies.