You are currently viewing The Walking Dead: who are the main dead characters in the TV show?

The adventure in The Walking Dead is over for several actors of the original cast. This is also the case for the audience darlings who were not present when the series started in 2010. At any given moment, a main character may disappear. Fans are often surprised by the unexpected departures of these actors.

You must have been shocked by the disappearance of some of them.

The main male characters who have disappeared

You will find among the dead actors in the series five main characters whose death was shocking.

Abraham Ford was killed by Negan in the first episode of season 7

Fans expected Glenn to die in accordance with the comics. It was Abraham who was the final choice. The scene was traumatically violent.

Hershel Green, Beth’s father was beheaded by the Governor

Although he was not beheaded in the comic book, Herschel met that end in the series. His death was a real shock.

Jesus was stabbed from behind

After resisting a group of walkers, Jesus was killed, stabbed by a walker. He was still alive in the comics. His disappearance in the series was a big surprise to some fans. But others had seen it coming for months, as the death of Tom Payne’s character was announced.

Siddiq was silently killed by Dante

Siddiq realized that Dante was the Whisperer who had captured him in the last season. Unfortunately for him, Dante was at his side when he realized it. He could only kill him to keep his secret.

Noah was eaten by walkers

Noah’s death was tragic and unexpected. Nicholas trapped him in a revolving door to save himself. Glenn had to watch him die without being able to do anything about it.

The main female characters who disappeared

You will find among the dead actresses in the series, three stars whose disappearance was brutal.

Beth Greene was shot in episode 8 of season 5

For many episodes, Beth was held hostage at Memorial Hospital. She was shot in the head right after she stabbed Dawn, who reflexively shot her. The image of Daryl carrying her body to her sister was a real shock.

Andrea died from a walker bite in the season 3 finale

She survived a zombified Milton and the Governor’s compound. But Andrea ended up killing herself so she wouldn’t end up becoming a walker. Her death was a surprise to fans. Laurie Holden who played Andrea was also surprised by the end of her performance in the series. But she is still grateful for the way she came out.

Denise died from an arrow in the eye

Denise took an arrow meant for Daryl in episode 14 of season 6. Her death was a real surprise, especially the way. It was more like Abraham’s in the comics.

It’s always hard to predict which character will perish. This makes it more shocking and brutal when the stars die.