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The question of women’s emancipation appears as one of the main contemporary struggles. In the professional world, the phenomenon is also noticed. Here is an article that looks at the subject. I propose you to discover some well paid jobs for a woman.

The reality of women’s wages today

If the disparity between men and women has been decreasing for a few years, the gap is still present and significant. Women, for the same jobs, often have a lower salary than their male counterparts.

Real estate agent in luxury

In the field of real estate, the luxury real estate agent is the first profession of my selection. Unlike the classic real estate agent, the luxury real estate agent is self-employed. It is a sector that has fewer women. However, they have all the necessary qualities, which makes it a well-paid profession for women.

The luxury character of the profession lies mainly in the salary mode. Indeed, since they are not affiliated to any agency, luxury real estate agents are paid on their sales contracts. It is you who determines your salary.

In luxury real estate, a woman’s salary can easily reach 5 figures per month. If you take a 2% commission per sale and make a sale of $1 500 000, your commission will be $30 000!

Word of mouth is very important in this sector. If you want to evolve in this world, it is better to have an impeccable presentation, to speak impeccable English and to have a rigorous organization.

Interior Architect

Specialized in decoration, the Interior Architect designs and realizes the layout of interior spaces. It is a profession that pays well for women, as in architecture in general. Indeed, an interior architect can earn up to $5000 gross per month.

However, the profession is quite demanding in terms of access. You need at least a Bac +4 or +5 to be able to practice as an interior architect, and especially to obtain a diploma from a school recognized by the CFAI (French Council of Interior Architects).

In big cities, you can sometimes earn even more by being an independent interior designer. If you manage to have a good address book, put forward your best references, clients will come to you and don’t hesitate to offer you a good salary for your services.

Event organizer

Less known by the general public, the organization of events is a profession worthy of interest. The role of the professional is to design and carry out an event according to the needs expressed by the client. It is a demanding job that requires a creative mind, a keen sense of listening as well as excellent managerial and marketing skills.

The exercise of such a profession often requires a higher level of education (BAC + 2 at least) coupled with real professional experience.

Of course, many women already know the job of Wedding Planner. But other female professions in the organization of events can also lead to high salaries.

This is especially true for seminar or exhibition organizers.

Crafts and trades

It is crazy to see how the crafts are denigrated in our country. However, all these jobs, which are often done after diplomas such as BEP and CAP, offer real fulfillment… and good wages!

Good pay is especially possible when you have an important position or when you manage your point of sale.

For example, the baker is a craftswoman – shopkeeper par excellence. Here, you produce and market bread and its varieties. Although this profession is accessible through a work-study program (on your own account and/or in a bakery – pastry shop), you must have a professional diploma to practice it. A baker’s CAP could be enough to launch you into this profession.

As for pay, if you are a baker who heats bread and works at the cash register, your salary will rarely exceed the minimum wage.

On the other hand, if you have a rare specialty such as pastries or exceptional pastries in a luxury hotel, your salary can exceed $2500.

And if you have your own successful bakery, your salary can exceed that of an executive! But beware, the craft professions are successful for courageous people who do not count their hours!


Women are also well paid in the pharmaceutical sector, such as the job of Pharmacist. As a drug specialist, this profession is open to several sectors of activity (distribution circuit, sales and consulting, hospitals, the army and the fire department, teaching and research, industry, biology, institutions and drug regulatory bodies, etc.).

The salaried pharmacist generally earns between $2000 and $2500 net per month. This remuneration can vary according to your seniority, your location or the salary policy in the pharmacy.

If you are self-employed, it becomes a very well paid profession for women as you will be paid around $4000 to $6000 per month.

A specialized higher education is required to enter this profession. It must be complemented by people skills. It is not easy every day to help people lost in their prescriptions!

Computer and Information Systems Managers
Technology is a field that does not have enough women in it. However, those who do try their hand at it don’t really lack for comfort.

In fact, women who venture into the field of computer and information systems management sometimes earn salaries of over $5,000 per month. This makes it a well-paid job for women.

Other IT jobs can earn you big salaries like data scientist.

Make-up artist

une femme qui écrit

The artist makeup artist works for the organization of any kind of show whether it is live or recorded. It is the kind of professional often solicited within the framework of the shooting of the films, series, theater, etc. Often exercised on a freelance basis, make-up requires a professional diploma.

On average, the daily salary varies between $150 and $180 gross in television and between $200 and $2500 gross in the cinema. This makes it a well-paid job for the woman who does it.

This salary can explode if you manage to become indispensable to an artist. If you become the personal make-up artist of a big star, your salary could reach enormous sums.

Other well-paid jobs for a woman

There are still several sectors of activity that offer well-paid jobs for women. Music, sports, anthropology are just a few examples of the variety of professions available.

In other words, a woman can now work in any profession on the same level as a man. You should never hesitate to study the salaries in your field and ask for a salary equivalent to that of your male colleagues.

And if after a few months or years, you learn that you are paid less, demand equal pay at your annual interview.

Quality pays. Therefore, if you work well and contribute to the good atmosphere in your company, you can expect a high salary.

Do not hesitate to change employers if your salary as a woman is insufficient. Indeed, it is legitimate to apply for other positions with a small increase in salary compared to your previous position. Changing jobs often therefore encourages a faster increase in salary than staying with a company with a strict salary increase policy.

And if you are now well and truly ready to take the plunge, then we can only recommend that you start looking for a job as soon as possible, because there have never been so many offers online!